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Who we are Global Transfer Network, is a division of Partners Financial Development

Global Transfer Network, is brought to you by Partners Financial, a corporation legalized by the division of corporation of Florida.

We work tirelessly to provide you with quality service. Our headquarters established in Miramar place of residence of more than 900,000 Haitians. We communicate in Creole, English, French, Spanish with our clients. We know perfectly the needs of the Haitian community as well as those living in Haiti. Our network includes partners in cities with a high concentration of Haitians around the world. It continues to spread according to the needs of the clientele. We have put together a safe and effective way to send food to your loved ones. We work tirelessly every day to ensure that your food transfer arrives at your destination in record time. Thanks to a flexible schedule adapted to the needs of customers, Global Transfer Network is destined to become the number one house of food transfer to Haiti.

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