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  • 1-(888)-654-1725

Requirement :

To participate as a distributor for Global Transfer Network, in Haiti you must be a business owner whose own a market in Haiti such as.

  • Food deport
  • Super market
  • Convenience store
  • A registered telephone number
  • An active email address
  • Legal business license

You must have a place where you conduct a daily business, you must have a bank account for your business, recommended distributor to have your account with UNIBANK for easy processing, if you have USA bank account you wish to use to accepted payment form us that will be best

Benefit of joining
  • Your store becoming an online store where you able to increasing sales productions up to75% multiple way to sale both local customers and online customers.
  • How do you target the online customers, you as a store owner has nothing thing to do, Global Transfer Network does it all for you.
  • All sales made through the online customers are in US dollars.
  • How the process done, Global Transfer Network provide you with a login portal to upload your shop online including your own ad where your store can be view by million visitors around the worlds.
  • Global Transfer Network, work with all major money transfer agent such as UNITRANSFER or CAM Transfer to forward order to your store in Haiti for pick up.

How do you generate the sales the sender in the US place the order for their love one in Haiti, Global Transfer Network agent forward the order to your store in Haiti base on the location, both the beneficiary and your store in Haiti will receive a notification with tracking number to pick up the products from your store.

Delivery option:

Once we receive the confirmation from both parties the product has delivery, Global Transfer Network , transfer the fund to your bank account on file with us.

Payment processing:

How often Global Transfer Network will process the payment, all payment process every Friday of every weeks.

Credit limitation

Each store owner in Haiti must credited Global Transfer Network within a minimum of$500 dollars credit to easy process transactions, after $500 we may ask you to decline orders until we funded your account, as you continue doing business with us in the later time base on production Global Transfer Network will ask a credit increase etc..