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Is to quickly send food to Haiti for a parent, a friend is easy thanks to GTN. Global Transfer Network is a house specialized in food transfer to Haiti. Anyone living in the United States of America and other places around the world can send food supplies to a relative or friend in Haiti. The process is simple: The shipper comes to one of our many agents who are mostly independent companies, credible and renowned for customer service. He chooses from a list that is proposed to him, the food products he wants. The recipient in Haiti will receive a message on his phone announcing the arrival of the goods. The recipient will pick up in Haiti in less than 24 hrs, the recipient will receive the nearest location information to pick up their products, we are not a delivery company for security purposes, in all discretion the order placed by the sender. He or she can take directly food supplies closer to our food depot in Haiti. To receive food, the recipient will have to provide a piece of ID issued by an official authority with first and last name, a photo, the signature, the date and place of birth of the holder as provided by the shipper and answer a password at the moment of receiving it. The legislation of several countries requires in the case of transfers affecting a certain amount, the sender must present two pieces of identification to the agent receiving the transfer. Food of excellent quality is stored in a highly secure environment. Around the world, representatives of Global Transfer Network are recruited from the magazines recognized for the quality of the service offered to customers.

Life Is Good: To spread the power of optimism

Feeding The Needs is, to inspire healthier communities by connecting people to real food, making sure that individuals that are in need can get feeding on timely manner whenever they want.

Family that overseas won’t be worry about love one suffering, this website has been designated especially for those that are live in Caribbean countries like (HAITI)

Global Transfer Network is the solution to make necessary nutrition reach your family and friends who live in Haiti especially.

Part of our website will be dedicated to best serve the population in Haiti for those who live in the USA, France, Canada, and the Bahamas to support their family and friends, global transfer network and it team are working tirelessly to making sure all 10 Departments from North to south, west to east are available.

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